Caleb's Creek is the community that has it all: trails for walking and biking, lakes for fishing and water sports, a Village Center for shopping and visiting, and a Residents’ Center for everything else a community needs.

Greenway and Trails
Think outside the gym with 11 miles of planned trails right outside your door. Far more than a suburban sidewalk, the Greenway and trails at Caleb’s Creek circle the lakes and meander through the woods—giving you access to the best of the Triad’s natural world. Whether you’re looking for a nature hike with the kids, a long solo bike ride, or an early morning group training run, the Greenway and trails at Caleb’s Creek have it all.

Residents’ Club and Swimming Pool
Greeting residents and visitors alike as they enter the Village Center, the Residents’ Club is the central meeting place for the Caleb’s Creek community. Classes, programs, and community events will all have a place at the Residents’ Club, along with a swimming pool and rooms available to rent for parties and meetings.

With expansive lake views from the back patio, the main building serves as a welcome center and a community gathering place. The Residents’ Club will also house the Caleb’s Creek Sales Center, where the Realtors of Greer-Louis, Inc. provide on-site centralized sales and real estate assistance.

It is human nature to be drawn to the water. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration, serenity from the hustle-bustle of daily life, or invigorating physical activity, the Lakes at Caleb’s Creek provide the perfect location. Enjoy a picnic at the water’s edge, take a canoe or kayak into a quiet inlet, or walk along the shore, all practically in your own back yard. Many residences will also feature water views.

The Village Center
The heart of the Caleb’s Creek community, the Village Center is where everything comes together. With access to trails and lakes, the Residents’ Club and local shops converge to create a buzz of activity.

What makes Caleb 's Creek so special?

Home to great natural features that deserve to be conserved and explored, Caleb's Creek is a planned community designed to celebrate and protect the rolling hills, wide valleys, creeks, wetlands, lakes, wooded areas and vast fields.

With over 11 miles of trails planned within the community, each neighborhood is provided direct access to all nature has to offer.